Bentham OPEN is committed to disseminating research and scholarly publications as widely as possible. It supports the principle that 'the results of research that have been publicly funded should be freely accessible in the public domain’ and, therefore, it encourages researchers to make their research available through Open Access (OA).

Open Access publishing involves some fee that has to be paid by the authors. To provide open access, Bentham OPEN journals partly defray the expenses of journal production and online hosting and archiving for authors and their research sponsors by charging a publication fee for each published article. The fee varies by journal.

The Article Processing Charges (APC) for each general article (Irrespective of Research Article, Review Article, Case Study, etc.) published in this journal is US $1050.

The Article Processing Charges (APC) for articles published in this journal within thematic issues is US $890.

The following special discounts are offered to authors and editorial board members:

  • Authors from Bentham OPEN Member Institutes are entitled to up to a 20% discount on their article processing fees.
  • All editors and editorial board members of Bentham OPEN journals are entitled to publish their articles free of charge.
  • Waivers and additional discount requests are decided on the basis of the author's country of origin and the quality of the submitted article. Editors and reviewers have no knowledge of whether authors are able to pay; decisions to publish are only based on meeting the editorial criteria.
  • Bentham OPEN does not impose submission charges.

Once the paper is accepted for publication, the author will receive an electronic invoice via email.


Bentham OPEN offers a discount of 50% on the publication fee for manuscripts of all corresponding authors who reside in countries that are categorized as low-income economies by the World Bank. To see if you qualify for the discount, please refer to the complete list of these countries by clicking here .


Bentham OPEN encourages authors, institutions, and organizations to make use of various promotional opportunities for their publications, products, and services.

For more information, please view the ‘Promotional Services’.


Kindly remember that requests for waivers or discounts should be made during the initial submission process, not after an article has been accepted. This process does not involve editors, and the ability to pay does not influence editorial decisions. Payment is not required unless and until the author's article is accepted. Articles that have been accepted will not be published until payment has been received. Bentham Science does not refund the publication fee once it has been paid.


Prior to Publication:

If Bentham Science genuinely believes that the article should not be published, we reserve the right to decline publication and refund the publication fee.

After Publication:

If Bentham genuinely believes that the article should be retracted or removed from our website, for example, due to a breach of author warranties, we are under no obligation to refund the publication fee. The publication fee will not be refunded when articles are retracted due to author error or misconduct.

Delays caused by editorial decisions or author changes are a normal part of the publishing process.