Recent Patents and Designs on Hip Replacement Prostheses

H Derar*, M Shahinpoor
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maine, Orono, ME, USA

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Hip replacement surgery has gone through tremendous evolution since the first procedure in 1840. In the past five decades the advances that have been made in technology, advanced and smart materials innovations, surgical techniques, robotic surgery and methods of fixations and sterilization, facilitated hip implants that undergo multiple design revolutions seeking the least problematic implants and a longer survivorship. Hip surgery has become a solution for many in need of hip joint remedy and replacement across the globe. Nevertheless, there are still long-term problems that are essential to search and resolve to find the optimum implant. This paper reviews several recent patents on hip replacement surgery. The patents present various designs of prostheses, different materials as well as methods of fixation. Each of the patents presents a new design as a solution to different issues ranging from the longevity of the hip prostheses to discomfort and inconvenience experienced by patients in the long-term.

Keywords: Total Hip Replacement/Arthroplasty (THR/THA), Revision Surgery, Stemless Prosthesis, Femoral Head Prosthesis, Acetabular Cup Prosthesis.