High Quality Heart and Lung Auscultation System for Diagnostic Use on Remote Patients in Real Time

The Open Biomedical Engineering Journal 3 Nov 2010 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874120701004010250


We propose a medical electronic-computerized platform for diagnostic use, which allows doctors to carry out a complete cardio-respiratory control on remote patients in real time. In the context of telemedicine the proposed system can be considered as a really innovative product in which all the most advanced technologies of biomedical engineering converge to guarantee an efficient and reliable home assistance that allows the patient a highly better quality of life in terms of prophylaxis, treatment and reduction of discomfort connected to periodic patient controls and/or hospitalization. Moreover the system has been equipped to be employed also to real-time rescue in case of emergency without the necessity for data to be constantly monitored by a medical centre. In fact, when an emergency sign is detected through the real-time diagnosing system, it sends a warning message to people able to arrange for his/her rescue. A Global Positioning System (GPS) also provides the patient coordinates. The proposed system, in its version for diagnostic use, has been verified by the heart specialists of the Institute of Cardiology in the General Hospital (Polyclinic) of the University of Bari, Italy.

Keywords:: Electronic medical devices, electrocardiogram and respiratory monitoring, health care management systems..
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