In chronic peritoneal dialysis (PD) therapy, peritoneal permeability is gradually enhanced over the duration of the therapeutic course, leading to a grave decline in the therapeutic efficiency. In recent years, a novel therapy (CD therapy), which integrates PD therapy with hemodialysis therapy, is being applied to end-stage PD patients to complement the decline of therapeutic efficiency caused by the grave degeneration of the peritoneal tissue. To realize a harmonious introduction of the CD therapy, this study developed a useful index (KAu/c), which evaluates both therapeutic efficiency and degeneration of peritoneal tissue. Using a mathematical model and KAu/c, we were able to validate the therapeutic efficiency in the PD patients, and, in one case, propose a better prescription for the patient by employing the CD therapy. The clinical implementation of this methodology is indispensable with regard to expanding the therapeutic monitoring system for renal replacement therapy.

Keywords: Peritoneal dialysis, Complementary dialysis, Diffusive selectivity index, Computer-aided diagnosis, Therapeutic monitoring..
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