Deep Learning based Feed Forward Neural Network Models for Hyperspectral Image Classification

The Open Biomedical Engineering Journal 27 May 2024 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/0118741207279470240403052759



Traditional feed-forward neural networks (FFNN) have been widely used in image processing, but their effectiveness can be limited. To address this, we develop two deep learning models based on FFNN: the deep backpropagation neural network classifier (DBPNN) and the deep radial basis function neural network classifier (DRBFNN), integrating convolutional layers for feature extraction.


We apply a training algorithm to the deep, dense layers of both classifiers, optimizing their layer structures for improved classification accuracy across various hyperspectral datasets. Testing is conducted on datasets including Indian Pine, University of Pavia, Kennedy Space Centre, and Salinas, validating the effectiveness of our approach in feature extraction and noise reduction.


Our experiments demonstrate the superior performance of the DBPNN and DRBFNN classifiers compared to previous methods. We report enhanced classification accuracy, reduced mean square error, shorter training times, and fewer epochs required for convergence across all tested hyperspectral datasets.


The results underscore the efficacy of deep learning feed-forward classifiers in hyperspectral image processing. By leveraging convolutional layers, the DBPNN and DRBFNN models exhibit promising capabilities in feature extraction and noise reduction, surpassing the performance of conventional classifiers. These findings highlight the potential of our approach to advance hyperspectral image classification tasks.

Keywords: Hyperspectral images, Convolutional neural network, Deep back propagation neural network, Deep radial basis function neural network, Rectified linear unit, Deep learning, Classification accuracy.
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